• Payal Divakaran co-founder of SpotRocket: Ranking the Hottest Startups

    Payal Divakaran co-founder of SpotRocket: Ranking the Hottest Startups


Payal Divakaran co-founder of SpotRocket: Ranking the Hottest Startups

This proprietary algorithm uses different metrics, and crunch data of more 30,000 companies to help you find the best startups in the country.

Sandra Centorino Founder of Say It Forward: Spreading Positivity Face to Face

Sandra started the company with her two daughters and their mission is – spreading your positive message face-to-face.

Axel & Boris founders of Dreamojo: Fund Your Dreams, Together

These two founders are no stranger to business innovation. They consider themselves as explorers – always looking for new business ideas.

Amanda Barbara cofounder of Pubslush: Crowdfunding for the Literary World

Amanda Barbara co-founder of Pubslush says she can help authors publish more books.

The Complete A to Z Guide to Personal Branding [Infographic]

The benefits of a powerful brands: The complete A to Z guide to personal branding.

Meet Keisha DePaz Founder of Punch Street, a Greeting Cards Startup

Keisha DePaz founded Punch Street, a greeting card startup focused on embracing young adult and teen life. Today, she shares her story.

Using Twitter to Get Ahead: Which Brands Rule Twitter? [Infographics]

Who are the winners in Twitter? Learn here how popular brands have been using Twitter to win customer loyalty and media attention.

Daniela Cecilio Founder of ASAP54: A New Way to Discover & Shop Online

ASAP54 is a London-based start-up founded in April 2013 by Sao Paulo born and raised, Daniela Cecilio – A new way to discover and shop fashion online.

Jon Ferrara Founder of Nimble: Connect Your Contacts, Build Profitable Relationships

Jon Ferrara wants to help you build better and more profitable business relationships with Nimble.

Ia Jimenez Business Coach: My Top 3 Business Mistakes

Ia Jimenez is the owner of Your Best You Coaching. She is a coach, trainer and speaker specializing in Personal Branding,

How Google Works: Spiders and Crawling [Infographics]

How do Google spiders and crawlers work? Learn from one of the coolest animated infographic ever.

Do You Have a Responsive Website? Here’s 10 Statistics Why You Should [Infographic]

Surely you’ve heard the term responsive websites before. If your website is not optimized for mobile, then your business may be losing money.