Do yo you want to add a job board to your business website or blogs? These job board software can get you running in minutes.

Job boards can be one of the best features on your business website. After all, if you already offer great products and services, why not offer a little extra something for your customers? Done correctly, this change could be beneficial to both you and your audience. Creating a job board on your website will not only increase revenue, but it can also maximize your site’s traffic flow. Given how easy this is to install, you will be up and running in no time.

Here are five of the most popular job board software packages for publishers.

SimplyHired’s job board, Job-O-Matic, is one of the most popular job board software used across the web. This is a very simple solution to publish jobs on your business website and, best of all, it’s free! Special features include fully hosted job board software, nothing to install, a fully customizable backend, back-fill jobs to generate revenue & relevant content.

JobThread – This site helps employers and recruiters to reach potential candidates online. For very large or niche sites this is one of the best job boards available. There is no hosting, software, or technical maintenance required and, with no setup or maintenance fee required, this is a dream come true for publishers and bloggers.

If you’re in the market for a more advanced job board, then Jobbex is right up your alley. Unlike other software packages, Jobbex provides plenty of tools and services to publishers, employers and applicants. This software is not free, so unless you’re looking to start your own little you should choose one of the others.

JobcoinProvides job board widgets for publishers, and their goal is to provide job boards to publishers of all sizes. Publishers can earn revenue by using their free widgets, proving this to be a quick and easy way to monetize a website.

JobberBase – is free to use and simple to set up: simply register to receive a downloadable link in your email. Special features include posting a job without registering an account, location management, featured jobs management, JavaScript badge/widgets and RSS feeds.

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