Behind every successful business is a powerful team of people, so who are the top 5 people every startup should have on hand.

Got a great idea, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, everyone’s been there before. Before you turn your idea into reality, you should find the perfect team to help you make this possible. If you can find the right team members that believe in your vision, your startup will have a very strong foundation. Here are the 5 people every successful startup needs:

1.      The “I’m Going To Sue You” Attorney

Attorneys are pretty scary. They represent your startup as the ‘big bad bully’ and help you make smart legal decisions for your business. You want to connect with an attorney as early as possible to make your startup as legally efficient as possible. Having an attorney on your side can also help your business maintain long-term stability.

2.      The “Number Crunching” Accountant 

Almost all entrepreneurs hate accounting. It’s just a bunch of numbers, record-keeping, and hassle. However, there are accountants out there that love their job. Partnering up with an accountant is one of the smartest decisions you can make as an entrepreneur. They handle your taxes, financials, and help your startup be as lean as possible.

3.      The Hustler

What does the hustler do? Well, he/she doesn’t really have a precise role. The hustler just gets the startup the connections, resources, and tools necessary to succeed. They are the go-getter in the group and can be extremely important in the success of a startup. Everyone needs a person who can sweet talk others and get what they need.

4.      The “Grand-Daddy” Mentor

Every startup or new entrepreneur needs a great mentor on board. If you know someone who has been successful and done it before, try to make them a part of your startup. Mentors can guide you to success while helping you avoid crucial mistakes. They are wise and offer an intelligent answer to many questions you will have running a startup.

5.      The Side-Kick

Batman couldn’t have saved Gotham city without his side-kick Robin. Even though Batman did most of the ‘ass-kicking’, Robin was his support system. When Batman was beaten and baffled, Robin reassured him by telling him everything would be okay. Every startup needs a side-kick who will reassure them and help them get back on track.

In conclusion

Finding these individuals can be really tough. It’s important to make the best decision when finding partners for your startup. You can find your partners anywhere.