If you are planning a marketing campaign for a business, remember to employ these 4 effective marketing tools.

Marketing experts have a variety of tools at their disposal. However, some of these tools are much more effective than others in getting the job done. No marketing tool can guarantee you success, but there are certain marketing tools that have been tried-and-tested and have repeatedly proven themselves to be very effective.

1. Freebies

Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you give something away for free, people will take it even if they have no use for it. Anything that a company can afford to give away for free becomes an effective marketing tool. Most times, freebies involve items like t-shirts, caps and pens, i.e. products that are cheap to mass produce and can be embossed with the brand logo. In other cases, it is the actual product itself that is given out as a freebie. When Red Bull first hit the market, free cans were handed out at every almost event and location that would be attracting teenagers. Other energy drink companies, like Monster and Rockstar, also followed the path established by Red Bull and are testaments to the power of freebies.

2. Pamphlets and Flyers

Many people make the mistake of thinking that pamphlets and flyers are relics and cannot be considered as marketing tools in the digital era. While it is true that we do live in a digital era, there are certain things that digital medium has a tough time replacing. Good old printed pamphlets and flyers is one of them. Research has shown that even where people have the option to subscribe to a digital version of a weekly flyer, they are more likely to grab and browse through a physical copy of it instead. Pamphlets and flyers have been effective marketing tools ever since the printing press was first invented and that is not going to change any time soon.

3. Coupons

Scientists believe that coupons appeal to a very primitive side of the human brain; the one that cannot turn down a good offer. Just like freebies, it is not a case of whether you need a product or service, but rather about getting it for a lower price than usual. In combination with pamphlets and flyers, coupons have been the most powerful marketing tools ever deployed by retail chains. As long as people are looking for a good bargain, coupons will continue to be a fail-safe marketing tool.

4. QR Codes

QR code technology is the latest tool used by marketers to promote a business. However, just because it is new does not mean it is not widespread. With everyone trading in their old mobile phones for new smartphones, QR codes have become extremely important in the world of marketing. A smartphone user is more likely to scan a QR code than bother remembering a website address or a social media profile username. QR codes almost guarantee a certain degree of engagement with consumers. Also, they can be integrated with all three marketing tools mentioned above.

If you are planning a marketing campaign for a business, remember to employ these 4 effective marketing tools.


About the Author: Mathew Ronald, a marketing head at www.visualead.com. He helps provide tips and tricks to develop effective marketing strategies through his posts.

  • Hi Heather, you do make a great point about the QR codes. I also do think it depends on the type of business. Thanks for your input. We appreciate you stopping by.

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  • Coupons work great, when used the right way.

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