A great idea for a new business is a brilliant start, but there is a lot more to consider before you can launch your business.

A great idea for a new business is a brilliant start, and you’re over the first hurdle, but there is a lot more to consider before you can launch your business. Without planning and preparing many new businesses fail with in the first few months of trading. Make sure your business succeeds by having all the appropriate measures in place before you launch.

Consider Your Target Market

Before you enter into business you need to be sure who exactly your target market is. Without knowing this it can be difficult to brand and market your business. Take your product or services and consider who will be buying it or using it. You may not be able to pin point your target market by looking at this alone, if you have several groups that you consider to be your target market carry out research on people that fit in with those groups and see which you get the best response from. The best way to do this is to distribute a questionnaire. To ensure people fill it out and return it to you you may wish to consider offering them a discount for when you do launch.

Plan Your Marketing Campaign

No business can succeed without customers, and the only way to bring in customers is if they have heard of your business. Before you launch consider setting up business social media accounts. Use these to gain followers, post up dates about your business and generate interest in your products or services. Before you launch offer a thanks to your followers by offering an exclusive discount or voucher. This will encourage people to choose you especially if they think they are getting a really good deal, and there you have it, your first customers! Hopefully they will be so impressed with your service you will gain some loyal customers too.

Put A Solid Brand In Place

Any business needs to be instantly recognizable  Upon hearing the name people should instantly think of your logo and branding and vice versa. Your branding should be on any packaging, your website and your business premises. Having a solid brand in place before you launch ensures you stand out and are recognizable from day one.

Will You Need An Extra Pair Of Hands?

Your business needs to be the best it can from the word go. It is even more important at the beginning to start on a high and build a great reputation for yourself. Start badly and your reputation could be so damaging it could put you out of business. If you’ve done a really good job with your marketing and your branding you may experience an influx of business once your doors are open. You may want to consider taking on an employee or two to ensure customers receive the best service possible and you keep on top of everything.

Look Into SEO

Starting a business often means setting up a website. What most of us don’t realize is that in order for people to find your site through search engines you will need to carry out search engine optimization  This ensures when people search for your services or products you show up on search engines hopefully above others that offer the same services. Starting SEO early ensures you attract as many customers as possible upon launching, avoiding a slow start.


About Author: Eilidh MacRae works for New Business who offer advice for those starting a business.

  • That’s pretty much every thing. Well said. What about the financial aspect of it? Everyone find this very difficult.

  • Hi Harry, I agree making sure you have enough cash to
    stay afloat is important. It will take time for the business to sustain itself.
    Thanks for commenting.

  • Harry

    I would also recommend looking at your finances and make sure you have enough money to start the business and operate it for at least 6 months. If you are just starting out you also need to have extra cushion to take care of personal expenses in addition to the business expense.