I would like to share a list of my favorite shows for the month of March 2013 that I think are worth checking out.

We listen to a good share of podcast interviews every month. All different topics, but most within the entrepreneurship category. I would like to share a list of my favorite shows for the month of [March 2013] that I think are worth checking out.

Entrepreneurship Podcast Interview Roundup [March 2013]

1 – Chris Farrell   |  Founder  |  Chris Farrell

Podcast Interview Entrepreneur on Fire

Host  →  John Lee Dumas

Quotes: Chris has made it completely clear to everyone that we’re all good enough to do whatever we want because  “All Skills are Learnable”

Sarah Caplin |  Co-Founder  |  Footzy Folds

2 – Sarah Caplin |  Co-Founder  |  Footzy Folds

Podcast Interview →  Eventual Millionaire

Host   →  Jaime Tardy

Quotes:  Setting goals is very important. Be determine and stay focus on your vision.  “Be different, always stand out, ask nicely and don’t take no for an answer”

Jonah Berger  | Author  |  Contagious

3 – Jonah Berger  | Author  |  Contagious

Podcast Interview  →  Smart Passive Income

Host  →  Pat Flynn

Tips: Great interview, if you’re looking to build buzz for a product or business this one is a must. learn how and why things go viral online.

Entrepreneurship Podcast Interview Roundup [March 2013]

4 – Chris Guillebeau  | Author  |  $100 Startup

Podcast Interview  →  Pocket Changed

Host  →  Caleb Wojcik

Quotes:  Turning your passion into a business “Do something you love, that other people value and find the overlapping concentric circle between those things”

Entrepreneurship Podcast Interview Roundup [March 2013]

5 – Joe Cassara  |  Founder  | You Need My Guy

Podcast Interview  → The Great Business Project

Host  →  Ralph Quintero

Tips: How to use your public library’s database to find leads, client and get free legal forms. Grow your network and be part of a mastermind group.

Pat Flynn Entrepreneurship Podcast Interview Roundup [March 2013]

6 – Pat Flynn |  Founder  |  Smart Passive Income

Podcast Interview  →  The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Host  →  Natalie Sisson

Tips: Learn the Pat Flynn story, from being laid off to launching his blog & podcast to now earning passive income online.

KimGarst Entrepreneurship Podcast Interview Roundup [March 2013]

7 – Kim Garst |  Founder  |  Boom! Social

Podcast Interview  →  Mixergy

Host  →  Andrew Warner

Quotes: “I couldn’t even copy & paste when I first started,” she explains. Learn how she started her social media company.

  • Zeb, you’re totally right, but this was before I knew about yours. But everyone should check out http://definingsuccesspodcast.com/ great show.

  • Zeb Welborn

    Dude, you forgot mine!

  • Yes, Natalie I enjoyed it very much. and thanks for stopping by, your feedback is much appreciated.

  • Hey thanks so much Herby. This was a lovely surprise. I loved that interview too!! And the rest here are so worth checking out

  • fernandobiz

    Good to hear that Herby. The book gives some good examples to get started. Would like to hear you thoughts about the book and a practical approach you took by reading the book. Btw I see BillionSuccess is on it’s journey towards building a big story in the blogging environment.

  • Thanks Fernando, I actually just stated reading it after I listened to Caleb podcast interview. It is a great book indeed. I appreciate you stopping by.

  • You got it Caleb, I appreciate great content.

  • Thanks for the shout-out Herby. Appreciate you!

  • fernandobiz

    Great post Herby. What made me clicked this post was I saw the face of Chris Guillebeau on blog page near this post title. I read $100 Startup couple of weeks back while I’m getting free time at work. The book was a great example on how we can start a business under a very small cost, have you read the book? Thanks for the post. Also a big thank goes to my friend Oluwaseun at Sbabzy for sharing this blog with me.