Eugene Krabs have been in business with "The Krusty Krabs" for more than 13 years. Let’s take a look at his philosophy on how to run a successful business.

Mr. Eugene Krabs have been running his business (The Krusty Krabs) for more than 13 years. Despite the feud between him and his long life competitor “Plankton” who continues to try and steal the recipe of his best seller (the Kraby Patty) Mr. Krabs still manages to run a profitable business.

I’d like nothing more than to interview Krabs on how to run a successful business and beat the competitors, but he’s not returning any of my calls. It seems that there is no reception down at Bikini Bottom. 🙂

So, we settled for the next best thing – “The Top 25 Business Quotes from Eugene Krabs”

Read on! You may learn a few things. 

Mr. Krabs Dealing with Customers

(1) – “Congratulations, sir! You have just given me my one-millionth dollar!

(2) – “We shall never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request.”

Mr. Krabs Dealing with Employees

(3) – “Here’s that pay check I owe ya, plus a bonus. Well, here’s your pay check anyway.”

(4) – “You can’t hang your delicates in front of my customers’ faces.”

(5) – “Sure you are, or I’ll fill your life with misery and woe. Even if you quit.”

(6) – “Wash your hands, clean the floors, change your underwear! The health inspector’s here!”

(7) – “That penny ‘s coming out of your paycheck!”

(8) – “What is this “raise” you speak of?” [Tweet Me]

(9) – “Get back to work all of you! I’m not running a happy factory here.”

(10) – “All right … LazyPants! I’ll find you. This nose can smell laziness for up to 10,000 leagues! … I’ll give you a break you’ll not soon forget!”

(11) – ” Today, I want you to take inventory on everything in here; every last pickle and patty must be accounted for.”

(12) – “SpongeBob, I’m not paying you to stand around. [gives him a spatula] Get back to the kitchen!

Mr. Krabs Dealing with Competitors

(13) – “That Plankton is a clever beast. You’ve got to keep a sharp eye out for him, SpongeBob. The Krabby Patty law must be enforced. The future of the Krusty Krab depends on it.

(14) – “Well, if I was a robot, which I’m not, at least I’m well put together. Not some rusted-out, steam-driven piece of junk!

Mr. Krabs Money Tips & Business Advice

(15) – [singing about money] “Counting me money. Money sweeter than honey. Money money this, money money that. Profit will make me wallet fat!”

(16) – [upon learning about wishing wells] “Suckers throw money down a well for fun? That’s the greatest scam ever!”

(17) – “The money is always right!

(18) – “I can think of 10 good reasons to never let go of a dime.” [ Tweet me]

(19) – “It’s money that makes the world go round!

(20) – “I loved that dollar. I loved it like a brother. Me and that dollar went everywhere together.”

(21) – “A 5 letter word for happiness: MONEY.” [Tweet me]

(22) – “MONEY is the ultimate source of joy.”

(23) – “Now as you may have noticed, profits are way down this month. We need a gimmick to bring in customers. Do you lovers have any ideas?”

(24) – “What you’re doing is wasting all my money. I told you to rent out only what’s absolutely necessary.”

(25) – “If you’re wasting time, you’re wasting money… and that’s just sick.” [Tweet me]

Bonus – “A man works hard all week to keep his pants off all weekend.”

This post was inspired by my 5 year old son (Hayden) who loves watching Sponge Bob. He said that Mr. Krabs was his favorite character because he had all the money. 🙂