Who are the winners in Twitter? Learn here how popular brands have been using Twitter to win customer loyalty and media attention.

Twitter is one of the most popular global social media platforms currently. Everyone has started using the social media site for his or her own benefit and purposes. From the homemaker, student, to the business owner, or celebrities, everyone has the ability to use Twitter to get their messages out there.

Users that have learned to master the fine art of creating attention grabbing, informative, funny, or interesting messages in 140 or few characters have seen tremendous benefits.

Corporate Winners

Although many major corporations use Twitter as a means to offer assistance with customer service, one corporation is the clear winner. JetBlue has set a standard for having the quickest response time and has the largest following of any airline on Twitter. Although other corporations make great strides in offering great customer service, such as Nike and Microsoft’s Xbox, they pale in comparison to JetBlue.

Sales Winners

Many companies utilize Twitter as a means to promote sales and draw customers to their sites or stores. The Tweets draw customers in to either get additional information or to cash in on the Tweeted offers. Though many companies have seen increases in sales, one hashtag by Classic Harbor Line generated tremendous success using the unique marketing niche of beer.

Social Commerce Winners

Individuals using social networks such as Twitter to boost e-commerce transactions have seen remarkable results. Chirpify has successfully used the social media site to aid businesses and consumers with buying, selling, and donating. Dell managed to use the site to generate $2 million dollars in sales as well as turning countless ‘ranters’ into ‘ravers’ with their different accounts.

Fundraising Winners

Many businesses, individuals, and organizations have turned to Twitter for fundraising purposes. It’s a fast way to get a cause out there and illicit interest in fundraising. The American Red Cross has achieved great numbers using the site. The most successful fundraising enough was Movember, which raised 19 million in donations in a movement to help with men’s health issues in the U.S.

Unique Tweet Winners

The common individual that uses Twitter expresses their thoughts and opinions about day-to-day life. In some cases, these Tweets have resulted in drastic life changes. Mochadad Tweets about relationships and those Tweets have landed him speaking engagements in a number of conferences. Another user (Stacey Ferreira) saw a Tweet by Sir Richard Branson that led to her and her brother attending a private event and sharing her business plan, the results, and $1 million in venture capital for her startup costs.

You can find out more information about the leading brands using Twitter by checking out the infographic below, provided by WhoIsHostingThis.com.

Using Twitter to Get Ahead: Which Brand Rule Twitter? [Infographics]

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