One of the best e-commerce platforms that provide many benefits especially for small business owners is Shopify.

There are a number of options for those who are interested in setting up an online store. Some entrepreneurs choose to host their own website, but that can be difficult for those who have less or no knowledge of web design and SEO. And of course, it is expensive to hire a web designer, especially for novice entrepreneurs. However, some aspiring business people choose to go with one of the many hosted e-commerce providers out there for assistance.

One of the best e-commerce platforms that provide many benefits especially for small business owners is Shopify. The Shopify e-commerce platform is currently hosting over 165,000 online stores and is the most popular due to its flexibility, affordability, and ease-of-use. Here are top 5 reasons why entrepreneurs should choose Shopify to launch their online store.

1. Shopify is Easy to Use:

Shopify allows the entrepreneurs to focus on their business while they take care of the coding, web hosting issues and other technical terms for them. The website wizard feature allows the users to easily set up their site within minutes. The e-commerce platform is also highly customizable with over 115 templates which make it easy for the newbie to create a unique look for their online store. There are also many different blends of colors, fonts, logos, layouts, banners, and even slide shows available.

2. The Shopify App Store:

Shopify has a range of apps that you can use to add to your e-commerce package. Some of the best apps on Shopify include the product options app which allows you to customize the Shopify inventory while the SEO Meta Manager app helps the user’s control how the products are displayed and appear in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

3. 24/7 Customer Support:

Shopify has a dedicated and experienced team of technicians available to help their users – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Naturally, servers do go down in the world of technology preventing the visitors from accessing their preferred websites, and if any downtime occurs within Shopify – no worries, the team of experts on Shopify will take care of everything and get their users shopping cart up and running in no time. Which is why even large companies like Encyclopedia Britannica rely on Shopify to sell their last set of encyclopedias in 2012?

4. Built-in Search Engine Optimization:

In internet marketing, SEO is everything. Every business wants to rank #1 on Google. Shopify includes SEO features in all its packages which automatically adds effective tags, Meta descriptions, and generates sitemaps to help new business rank among the top in search engines.

5. Competitive Price:

Shopify offers affordable plans that suit all types of budgets. Their basic plan is available for $29 while the professional and the most popular package are offered at $ 79 per month. The unlimited package can be purchased for $ 179 per month. The pricing for Shopify is open and transparent. The users will never see any added charges in their monthly bill which they are not aware of at the time of subscription. Shopify is also offering a 14-day free trial.

I personally use Shopify for a few of my clients and it is by far one of the best eCommerce software for newbie online entrepreneurs. You can literally be up and running in within minutes.

“If you’re a new entrepreneur and you want to spend less time worrying about the technical side of the business and want to focus on the things that matters more like sales and customer service, then we recommend Shopify eCommerce palatform to get you started fast.” – Billion Successs team