Success in business takes time to build, only doing what you love will buy you enough time to build it.

I started this blog a couple years ago and since the beginning, my goal was to create something that can help people like me (a newbie founder) to start low cost small businesses. It was created for the people in the starting stage as I was (the beginners). I am talking about those who believed they were meant to be more than just average. Those who wanted to do something better, something meaningful with their ideas but had no idea where to start.

As you know, over the years I’ve shared hundreds of interviews here from founders, and one of the most popular things they love to say is: You must follow your passion and do what you love to be successful“.  I never really understood that until now. Over the years, I’ve started multiple online businesses and all of them so far have failed. This blog was the first thing that I ever created online and yet, it is still here.

How is that possible?

I am not really making money with it, so what’s holding it here?

(@BillionSuccess) have been running for more than four years, and yes I did try monetizing it for a while but the idea of turning it into a money machine shifted my focus. As soon as I couldn’t figure out how to monetize it, I started feeling like failure. I forgot WHY I started it in first place. I even thought of shutting it down completely because it wasn’t creating enough income. (Crazy I know)

But do you see how fast I wanted to quit because it didn’t meet my expectation of money?

So it is with that realization that I now understand when people like Marsha Sinetar say “Do what you love and the money will follow I believe they’re simply saying that – success takes time to build, and only doing what you love will buy you enough time to build it.

“When it comes to business, doing what you love is a long term investment – and those usually pay off in the end.” – Herby Fabius