"This is by far my most regrettable mistake yet. I simply took too long to take action. "

I am always asking people to share their top mistakes with the readers, and I am all about sharing my own mistakes too. However, it is only now that I realize how hard it is to choose just three since I’ve made so many.

…but here we go!

#1 – Starting too late

“Time is Our Most Precious Commodity” ― Unknown

This is by far my most regrettable mistake yet. I simply took too long to take action. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur; I just didn’t know where to start. I always thought I’d have to come up with some crazy, unique invention to start a business. With that broken mindset, I wasted way too much time just doing nothing.

In case you’re thinking that “time” is not such a big loss, you should know that “time” is a finite resource and it’s probably the most precious resource in this world. Our time on this planet is very limited, so in other words it is very expensive.  Losing time is worst than money so everyone should make the best use of their time.

#2 – No focus, and no Direction

“F.O.C.U.S. – Follow One Course Until Successful” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki

When I finally got my first business going, I didn’t take it seriously enough for it to become a success. I was doing things as they came. I never really had a real direction, vision or a blueprint for growing the company. Since I didn’t know where I was going, there was no way to figure out how to get there.

With no plan and no direction in place, I ended up going back and forth on multiple ideas when I should have chosen a single path and stuck with it.

#3 – Caring too Much about Other’s Opinion

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter doesn’t mind.” ― Bernard M. Baruch

One way to fail for sure is by worrying too much about what other people think. It is absolutely no way to live, and it is an unhealthy choice of living. This thinking crippled me personally and as for my business, it killed productivity for a very long time. Being concerned too much with other’s opinions, I failed to promote the business the way I should have.

I kept quiet for the first couple of years and as a result, I ended up working on projects that I never published. I would start working on projects and then later convince myself that people wouldn’t care, so I would stop in the process and jump on the next.

Once again, I ended up wasting time and resources with this vicious cycle.