Until every single employee realizes that he or she is a salesperson, you can kiss customer service goodbye.Compartmentalizing job functions in an organization is a major obstacle to keeping customers satisfied.

Many companies, both big and small, find themselves struggling with keeping the quality of their customer service at a top-notch level. Surprisingly, those discoveries often come after the company has already invested plenty of resources into departments that should know how to deal with that problem. A worrying revelation indeed – but there are things that can be done in order to get things back on track. Namely, the company’s employees need to adapt their mindsets.

Getting Employees Educated

As the title of this article has already suggested, every employee needs to realize that being a salesperson is indeed a part of his or her job at all times, even though it may not be completely obvious. And yes, we indeed mean every single employee – even the IT department needs to know about this aspect. After all, each employee might have to interact with some of the customers at one point or another and it is important to ensure that there are never going to be any breakdowns in communication. Thankfully, many employees act responsibly and know that they are representing the company’s interests at all times. Nevertheless, it might still be a good idea to invest some time in getting the point across all departments.

Putting Compartmentalization Aside

Compartmentalization of job functions in an organization is one of the major obstacles to keeping customers satisfied – and there is no doubt that managerial steps should be taken in order to remove it and achieve the desired goal. Employees need to know that all they do is connected to the whole company and that it is desirable to have everything fit together as closely as possible. Communication between the employees is undoubtedly of the utmost importance in this case. In many cases, different departments do not know much about each other – and the resulting problems can be slow the company down by a terrible margin. The lesson is clear – compartmentalization is not the way one should go. Instead, emphasis should be put on the whole, with communication between the employees playing a key role.

Know What the Customers Need

The key to having a top-notch customer service is knowing what exactly the company’s customers need. That might seem like a very straightforward question and it goes without saying that all successful companies have already addressed it to a large degree. However, it sometimes seems that all kinds of decisions are directed only towards the company’s products or services and that the quality of the customer service lags behind a little bit. There is not an easy solution to that problem and companies need to consider what is important for their target audience. The list of the questions that should be asked includes:

  • Do the customers communicate with the company through more than one channel?
  • If there are more ways in which one can communicate with the company, will the customers get the same amount of attention in all of them?
  • Are queries dealt with quickly or is there a point at which the process slows down for no apparent reason?

Wrapping Things Up

Quality customer service is what can set companies apart in the highly competitive environment of today’s business world and it is therefore necessary to take the issue very seriously. The “every employee is a salesperson” motto does not include all aspects of the question, but it can serve as a very good starting point from which steps and decisions can be taken. As always, it is important to work with the employees as closely as possible, as no managerial decisions can be successful without their close cooperation.