What do we do?

We interview ENTREPRENEURS and AUTHORS (business books mostly)

Why do we do?

We believe every ENTREPRENEUR / AUTHOR has a unique story and life experiences. Our goal is to share those stories and experiences to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and MOTIVATE others to start their own success journey. We love to promote authors and founders. We do it to promote you; to promote your business; to promote your books. We want to play our part in making you a success.

What do we want?

Your Story & Experiences

Just help us INSPIRE, EDUCATE & MOTIVATE others to take ACTION

All we ask is that you share some of the valuable lessons you have learned throughout your journey as an entrepreneur/author – we need people with hands-on experience to tell us how it really is. If that’s you? Please participate. 

It’s mostly done in writing, so please, only participate if you are willing to take the time to teach the reader. We’ve done a few video interviews if you’re interested in video interviews, please let us know.

What is the Mission?

We share stories to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and MOTIVATE the next generation of successful ENTREPRENEURS and bestselling AUTHORS.

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