This site was created by Herby Fabius.

What we do?

We interview entrepreneurs and authors.(business books mostly)

Why we do?

To promote you; to promote your business; to promote your books. We want to help make you a success. We love to promote businesses. We do all that at no cost.

What we want?

Nothing. We just want you to teach us.

All we ask is that you share some of the valuable lessons you have learned throughout your journey as an entrepreneur or as an author – we need people with hands-on experience to tell us how it really is. If that’s you? Please participate. 

Readers deserve real stories, real advice from real doers.

It’s all done in writing, so please, only participate if you are willing to teach the readers.


Our mission is simple. We want to help promote your businesses and books. We do so in an interview-style format so others can easily learn from your journey. By participating and sharing your story, you are inspiring a community of people who will soon become best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs.

Our biggest joy is knowing we did our part to help you reach your business goals, and also that we have shared enough real-life stories to motivate others to start their own businesses.

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