Join us as Brian Nickerson shares the top 3 mistakes he made with his company Chippmunk.

Brian Nickerson is the co-founder and CEO of Chippmunk, an online platform that allows you to search for the best deals from top online stores and also discover discounts that apply and compare offers from top merchants.

Q: What were the top 3 mistakes you made starting out with your business, and if you could start over what would you do differently?

1) Spending Too Much Time Fundraising: Raising investment capital to fund the business is a full time job, even if you have traction.  Incentives for investors are to wait as long as possible before actually committing capital, and as an entrepreneur it can be challenging to create the momentum to get the first money in.  Set deadlines, research your investors, and move as quickly as you can to “yes” or “no”.

2) Delegate Tasks: Time is your most precious commodity, and you must manage it very carefully. As soon as you can, offload time-consuming tasks that don’t generate returns for the business, and focus your time on big initiatives that can massively impact the business.  To leverage your time, think like an editor, not a writer.

3) Celebrate Victories: Startup life can be hard, with multiple ups and downs every week and sometimes every day.  You and your team work hard, very hard, and there is always a new mountain to climb.  Make sure to stop and celebrate, even for small victories, so that you stay energized.

Brian Nickerson | Co-founder | Chippmunk