Meet Tony Morris, Author and International Sales Speaker

Tony Morris

Tony Morris is an International sales speaker, best-selling author of five books, and MD of an International sales training company. He and his team have helped develop over 30,000 sales professionals, across 62 industries to perform at the top of their game. He has spoken in 25 countries at sales kick-off conferences for the likes of Villeroy and Boche, IHG to name but a few.

On his podcast, Confessions of a serial seller, Tony has interviewed the top 100 sales performers from around the World, to learn what they do differently to give themselves an unfair advantage over their competitors. This has enabled him to develop a sales framework called ‘The A.S.K Philosophy Principles’, where he helps his clients Attract, Solve and Keep the right clients for their businesses.

Tony’s sales superpower is he conducts LIVE sales calls on stage to his audiences’ dream prospects and most importantly, he gets results.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up writing a book?

I have been in sales for 22 years, starting off selling utilities in a call center B2C. I then sold address management solutions B2B and then set up my sales training company in 2006. As I had so many experiences in my sales career to date, I really wanted to write a book that talks about the real-life of sales and my learnings along the way. I wrote ideas that the reader can implement into their sales role immediately and get instant results.

What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

I feel the readers can use Coffee’s for closers as their sales bible. It covers every element of the sales process, so can prepare them for every eventuality. I am confident the readers will be able to relate to many of the situations I experienced, therefore giving them that reassurance that they are not alone, as sales can be a lonely place at times.

What are the top three tools you are currently using to write, publish, and promote your books?

For writing, I use the Notes app on my iPhone and write whenever I get a moment. Before the pandemic, I was traveling around the UK and the World every week, which gave me loads of opportunities to write.

  • I have a publisher called CGW that have published my last 3 books.
  • LinkedIn has been a great tool for me to promote my book. I have over 12,000 connections, many of whom have experienced my sales training.
  • Facebook has been a great platform, as many of my target audience are using it daily.

What were the top mistakes you made writing/publishing your book?

My first 2 books were self-published. A mistake I made is not spending enough time researching publishers and understand what marketing they would be undertaking for my book. Both publishers did very little in terms of marketing and promotion and all my sales came down to my efforts and Amazon.

When will you to consider your book a success?

I set a goal in my head to sell 100,000 copies and that would mean success in my eyes. However, I have received emails from people around the World telling me Coffee’s for closers has transformed the way they sell and has massively contributed to their achievements. This to me is also a success.

What advice do you have for new authors who want to write and self-publish their first book?

Start now. It is easier to come out with all the reasons to NOT start writing, however in my experience, once you start the first chapter, you find the momentum kicks in and before you know it, your first book is published.

Regarding getting it self-published, take your time reviewing the market and understand how they are going to help market your book. There are many self-publishers that can publish the book, however, unless you are in front of your target audience on a regular basis, you need a publisher that can help you with promotion.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before publishing your first book?

That writing a book and selling your book are 2 entirely different things. It is like creating the most incredible website that no-one knows about. You need to have a very clear marketing plan to reach your desired target audience.

Can you share some of the marketing techniques that have worked for you when promoting your book?

I have run competitions on LinkedIn and Facebook, such as guess the name of the film that inspired the book title ‘Coffee’s for closer’s’ and the winner gets a free copy. This has created lots of traction.

I sell my book at exhibitions that I exhibit at.

As a sales speaker, whenever I speak on stage, I give the MC a copy of my book and write my intro down on the back of my book. Therefore, the MC must hold up my book to read it out and then at the end will say that I wrote this book and its available at the back of the room during the refreshment break.

If you had the chance to start your career over again what would you do differently?

I would start studying sales from Day 1. It was not until 5 years into my career did, I start to read sales books, watch webinars, listen to podcasts, and invest in myself for training. There is so much incredible resource available to you and to get an edge in sales and business, you need to take advantage of all the material that can help you.

Can you recommend a book, a podcast, and a course for entrepreneurs and authors?

There are so many books that have helped my sales career and business. The best business book that helped me grow and scale my business was E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

If you only had $1000 dollars to promote a new book, knowing everything you know now, how would you spend it?

I would spend it on LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads, if the target audience for your book is on those 2 platforms.

What is your favorite quote?

“My team the green bay packers never lost a game; they just ran out of time. “

– Vince Lombardi

Who should we interview next and why?

Andy Bounds – I have learned so much for him.

How can we get in touch with you?

You can visit my website is Tony Morris International and that is the best place for me or email me at

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